SME Group is a high technology company with headquarters in Italy and a global presence around the world thanks to our branches and dealers.
We are expert in designing and manufacturing controllers and motors for a wide range of applications. Since 1974 we have been the ideal partner for our customers in the material handling, agriculture, wind turbine and EV markets.
A pioneer in induction motor control, SME introduced the first AC controller equipped with FOC algorithm in 1992. Our natural aptitude for innovation is always reflected in our products and their performance is always a leader in the market.
“To be a system supplier doesn’t mean just supplying a motor and a controller, but means supplying the right motor and the right controller that optimizes the power train in terms of efficiency, performance, cost and safety.” Based on this philosophy, SME has developed complex simulation tools to optimize the vehicle power train design and our application engineers work in partnership with the customer to obtain maximum results.
We are an enthusiastic, passionate team: we are proud to be part of the green revolution and we strongly believe in technology as a key factor for a more sustainable future.